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Supply Chain Manager

Fultonville, NY

The Supply Chain Manager (SCM) will be responsible for the procurement of goods and services from Perrone suppliers in direct support of manufacturing and distribution operations. The SCM will report to the operations manager. The SCM is the primary contact with suppliers in the areas of supplier performance, flow of material, inventory control, and disposition of non-conforming goods. The SCM will be manage, recruit and termination of all of his/her her team who directly report to her/him. The team will consist of but not limited to: commodity manager, inventory control specialist and finished good warehouse manager and finished goods coordinator. SCM will also in coordination with the Operations Manager co-manage the warehouse manager and shipping department.

Essential Functions

  • Spearhead all business conducted with primary suppliers and coordinate internal actions between supplier and production, including but not limited to quality feedback.
  • Negotiate supply agreements, including but not limited to prices, quality and payment terms.
  • Set up min./max. inventory level policies based on historical demand.
  • Manage, under supervision of the CEO, tannery qualification processes.
  • Work with production and quality control on R&D projects as requested and track ongoing product development as well as their potential impact on the supply chain once the product is launched.
  • Optimize shipping procedures as to limit liabilities to the Company and ensure optimal pricing.
  • Define and update Import/Export compliance & terms (Including, but not limited to IncoTerms, general rules and regulations, EAR, CTPTAT).
  • Prepare and present quarterly crust pricing and hide market data to identify new sources and cost saving opportunities.
  • Coordinate with third parties to ensure supplier performance and product satisfaction.
  • Manage CGA, ALM Chemicals, Chemicals and Finished warehouses and Co-manage warehouse personnel and their respective teams and shipping.
  • Represents purchasing at production related meetings and address supplier delivery and material shortages issues.
  • Establish supplier shipping and packaging requirements in coordination with Perrone Aerospace commodity manager.
  • Maintain an open yet professional relationship with suppliers, in the best interest of the Company.
  • Manage and maintenance of all other supplier activities.
  • Manage all inventory and audits as directed by Sr. Management.
  • Create debit memos, and credit memos, as needed.
  • Must be able to identify opportunities for tax/duty reduction or exemption. Follow through with requirements and successfully apply and receive permissions/permits to comply.
  • Develop and negotiate RFP criteria and a matrix to promote competitive bidding processes. Initiate quarterly bidding process for large commodity purchases.
  • Establish rules for dealing with non-complying product including: rejection and replacement, freight considerations and penalties that may be associated with late, incomplete or non-conforming product.
  • Monitor, analyze and maximize volume discounts, early payment and bulk shipping discounts in accordance with future demand.
  • Decrease crust cost as a percentage of goods sold.
  • Increase inventory turn times.
  • Utilize data collected from cutting to determine the best value raw material for any given product.
  • Develop and implement a volume discount/rebate program.

Education / Skills / Experience

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Bachelor’s degree preferred in Supply Chain Management, (or equivalent supervisory experience), with a minimum of 3 years of direct purchasing experience.
  • Must be dependable with a satisfactory work records, including attendance.
  • Strong understanding of warehouse and inventory practices
  • Good working knowledge of computers Proficient in MS Excel. MS Office experience including data entry and E-mail.
  • Must be able to work independently and be self-motivated.

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