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With a tradition of excellence stretching back more than 100 years, Perrone Leather was founded in Gloversville, New York, the hub of the American leather-making industry in the 1900’s.


By the 1980’s, Perrone Leather expanded into creating and manufacturing high quality crew jackets for commercial airline pilots.  Concurrently, commercial airlines began the conversion from fabric to the more durable all leather seat covers previously enjoyed only by First Class passengers.  Perrone Leather was there to deliver.


After three generations of leather crafting and a full century of history, Perrone Leather partnered with the Avery family to form Perrone Aerospace.  The diverse company now supplies seating and interior leather and textiles, along with skilled repair and cleaning services to a large percentage of commercial and general aviation interests worldwide.


Perrone as Innovators

Product Development

Commercial Leather – Featherweight


Perrone Aerospace is the leading leather and textile supplier to major worldwide commercial airlines. Our initial innovation, Perrone Featherweight leather, reduced the weight of traditional leather dress covers by 30 percent, without sacrificing the strength, burn-resistance, durability, or feel of standard weight leather.

Laser guided Waterjet Cut Parts

Offering unmatched design and cutting service, Perrone Aerospace relies on America’s first laser-guided, water-jet cutter for digitized cutting that shortens lead-times, improves accuracy, and reduces your cost. The technology creates digital jigsaw patterning to maximize material use, reduce waste, and save substantial downstream costs like shipping.

Commitment to Excellence

Perrone Aerospace leads the aviation leather industry in research and development, continuously developing and investing in improved processes, materials, and technology to reduce expense while preserving our mandate of sustainability.

Enduralite 1.0 As our updated lightweight engineered leather, Enduralite 1.0 features the same ink resistance and easy cleaning as standard EnduraLite. An ideal alternative to fabric covers, EnduraLite 1.0 delivers nano-perforation—a design innovation that permits airflow and transfer of moisture vapor in a fabric that is 60 percent lighter than traditional leather and 30 percent lighter than bonded leather.

MonuLite A revolutionary, luxe synthetic leather material, MonuLite is designed specifically for compliance with OSU 65/65 Heat Release standards. Available in custom colors in a variety of finishes including Gaufrage, MonuLite also offers extraordinary acoustic absorbency. MonuLite is an ideal high performance choice on any vertical surface application.

Vision The next generation of lightweight synthetic material arrives with Vision.  This surface is designed specifically for headliner applications. Because of its unique ink resistant properties, and superior ease of maintenance, Vision is a premier surface product for headliners.

Continuous Improvement

Sustainability – The GREEN story

Perrone Aerospace actively embraces sustainable methods and measures in our plant, products, and best practices. With an ISO14000 environmental certification, Perrone is committed to making meaningful changes throughout the “cradle-to-cradle” lifecycle of our products and services, including:

  • End-to-end, we use only recycled cardboard for packaging, and recycle all used cardboard.
  • The Perrone site uses energy-efficient lighting.
  • We use no fluorocarbons in our manufacturing processes.
  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) have been eliminated in our emulsion process.
  • Always innovating, Perrone recycles heat produced from our manufacturing process in the summer to assist the process of drying hides. In the winter, the heat is used to warm the factory.


Changing Times

As markets evolve, Perrone continues to adapt and innovate.

As worldwide airlines investigate methods to reduce costs and remain competitive, we respond with advanced technology and a thorough understanding of how we can assist commercial and general aviation.

With industry movement toward lightweight synthetic aviation surface applications, Perrone continues to expand its product line to help airlines reduce weight, and save fuel and money.  Enduralite, created by Perrone Aerospace, is the lightest weight, most durable leather alternative currently on the market.

Perrone Aerospace has an international footprint with offices in the United States and Paris as we serve an expanding global clientele. At Perrone Aerospace, the sky is the limit.

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