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Perrone Performance Leathers & Textiles offers a broad range of customization options.




Perrone offers the widest range of customization choices in the transportation textiles industry.


Perrone can design any leather or synthetic collection to your specifications, or work with you to create a look like no other. Our exclusive Gaufrage collection offers you a way to promise your clients a one-of-a-kind interior. Choose from 287 period-correct patterns or create your own custom designs by combining patterns, substrates, colors and textures.


Debossing enhances the appearance of products by adding 3-D depth. With debossing the material is pushed inward through the use of heat, pressure and time. Debossing your product allows for custom logos and the use of foils. The embossed products are further processed into finished goods and are quality control inspected.


Our range of leathers and certain textiles can be printed on using four color printing technology, which allows for a complete range of designer customization options.


Embossing is a highly decorative technique. It raises surfaces to transform ordinary, flat and lifeless material into uniquely contoured, 3-Dimensional raised patterns. A special backing material will hold the shape of the embossing for the life of the product. Embossing your product allows for custom logos and the use of foils. The embossed products are further processed into finished goods and are quality control inspected.


Foil Stamping is the application of foil, a special film backed material applied through the use of heat, time, and pressure. The film is applied in the shape of the dye being used. Foil stamping is an ideal way to add a touch of elegance and class to your finished product. Perrone Aerospace uses the following types of foils:

  • Gloss Foil: transparent and glossy in appearance
  • Metallic Foil: Metallicized aluminum foils available in many colors with either a shiny or satin finish
  • Pattern Foils: foils manufactured with specific patterns rather than flat colors
  • Pearlescent Foils: similar to gloss foils but with a translucent color
  • Pigment Foil: Opaque foils of intense color resembling glossy enamel foils. Available in either gloss or matte finish



Perrone’s All Leather Maintenance Division is headquartered in the largest and most modern leather repair facility in the world. Our FAA 145, EASA approved repair station can refurbish and repair leather dress covers in record time, returning them to service looking brand new and lasting for years. We even offer a hide-to-cover maintenance program that will guarantee the life of dress covers.


Genuine leather is a natural product known for its luxurious appearance and performance. Being a natural product, leather is also susceptible to the common characteristics of wear and discoloration over time. However, in commercial applications it is critical to extend the life and durability of leather as much as possible without sacrificing the inherent beauty of this product.

This, along with the requirement of aircraft operators to increase the service life while at the same time reduce maintenance of dress covers was the motivation behind the development of Perrone’s integrated Anti-Soiling System, where compound (polymers) are built-in to the top coat. When maintained per our cleaning and maintenance specification, our system significantly reduces the amount of soiling that occurs with progressive use, thereby extending the useful life of your cover.


With Perrone’s Cut Parts Kits, you only pay for the pattern pieces you specify, all 100% QC inspected. We guarantee the lowest price-per-pax. America’s first laser-guided water-jet cutter creates higher quality cut parts accurately to within .004 inch. Benefits also include, JIT supply and a conscious contribution to decreasing the carbon footprint. For more information on cut parts kits, please click here to access our cut parts information page.


Perrone is committed to using safe and friendly products and providing services in the most environmentally safe and efficient manner through detailed analysis of life cycle assessments. We are also committed to provide products and services that comply with the ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management Standard* which includes emphasis with compliance to regulatory and other requirements.

One initiative that we offer is a Chrome Free Leather. Our system—wet white tanning—refers to leather with a pale cream or white color. This recently developed method of tanning has been increasing in popularity, partially due to contemporary concerns about environmental impacts.

A wide variety of types of leathers can be produced using the wet white system, including automotive and upholstery leathers.

EASA Part 145 Approval Certificate EASA.145.5966

FAA/EASA Part 145 Repair Station #V1VR130X

Certificate of Registration ISO 9001:2015



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