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EnduraLite™ represents the new standard for form, fit and function. When comparing weight, durability and performance, EnduraLite™ is the most cost-effective leather alternative on the market. EnduraLite™ provides more than 60% weight reduction from traditional leather without sacrificing any of the luxury, superior strength, and fire retardency you require. This is the product for the new green generation of aircraft performance.

EnduraLite™  – Lightweight Upholstery. Heavyweight Performance.

Features & Benefits

100 % certifiable by similarity.

Nano-Perforation allows air to flow through without allowing moisture to pass or absorb.

Fire retardant woven aramid backing meets all FAA Requirements for burns, eliminating the need for aftermarket FR treatment.

EnduraLite 1.0 is inherently ink resistant. With our exclusive All Leather Maintenance cleaning products, any number of stains can be removed without any damage or altering of the material.

Independent lab testing shows no appreciable wear after 200,000 cycles of the “Squirmin Herman” test.

Delivers a 100%+ improvement over competitive faux leather products in a tongue tear strength test.

Proven in service performance.


WIDTH: 54 inches (137 cm )

COMPOSITION: 100 % Polyurethane Face / 100% Fire Retardant Aramid Backing

THICKNESS:  .8 mm  ±.1mm

WEIGHT: 1.2 oz. per sq ft / 375 gm sq. meter  ± 40 gm

BLOCKING: Federal Test Method STD. No. 3121.1 / No damage to finish

ABRASION: ASTM D-3884 / (2,500 cycles, 500g H-18 wheels) No wear through to russet

CROCKING: ASTM D-5053 (50 cycles wet & dry) 4 or better on the AATCC grey scale for color change.

COLORFASTNESS: 72 hour exposure to UV light / 4 or better on the AATCC grey scale for color change.

FLAMMABILITY: Will meet all requirements of either a 12 or 60 second vertical burn in accordance with FAR 25.853  ABD0031,AITM 3.0005

TEAR STRENGTH: ASTM D – 4705 / Minimum of 12 lbs. (5.44 kg, 53.35 N)

FLEXIBILITY: ASTM D – 2097 (60,000 cycles) / No cracking of finish

COLOR MATCH: Spectrophotometer measurement of DE CMC ≤ .50 target

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