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Perrone Performance Leathers & Textiles is
committed towards supporting transportation sustainability initiatives.

As transportation takes strides towards a sustainable future, the power of conscious design and responsible sourcing continues to be realized.

Our industry has accepted the model that value can be found in repairing and refurbishing products. It is an investment.
This mindset directly impacts decisions to purchase products that promise longevity. 

Every piece of leather or synthetic product that leaves our facility impacts the environment in one way or another. Ensuring our products have the longest possible lifespan, whether in their current form or up-cycled, is a top priority for our R&D team. Our ever-evolving finish systems and a product’s ability to be repaired are an essential building block of our sustainability efforts. 

Transportation textiles must promise a lightweight solution without compromising strength or aesthetics. The final product must meet expectations of the entire team including engineers, designers, buyers, as well as the end user. 

We continue to challenge ourselves to further extend the life cycle of the products that we manufacture and are confident that our innovation process will go a long way in pushing the limits of sustainable transportation products.

Sustainable Leathers

Panel hides use only the prime portion of the hide, which reduces environmental impact via processing and transportation.

Eco-Friendly Synthetics

Our proven synthetics weigh up to 43% less than competitive products, and are non-leeching.


Exclusive Aviation Distributors of Alcantara®,  globally synonymous with luxury and certified carbon neutral since 2009.

Enduralite™ is the lightest weight synthetic leather option in the aviation industry, weighing only 1oz per square foot. Enduralite™ synthetic leather is proven in service since 2012, and is incredibly durable, extremely lightweight, available in a range of colors, and Enduralite™ helps improve transportation sustainability initiatives.
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